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Women’s Sports Week 2016 #WSW16

The Launch of the Red Roses 05/10/2016

How fitting should this happen on a week we remember our female heroes and look to inspire the upcoming athletes.

Women’s Rugby is definitely a sport which is seeing huge developments. (Don’t blink you’ll miss something). We now have women on central RFU contracts, allowing the individuals to focus on their sport and fitness without worrying about a work life too. Red Roses being launched today now gives the English ladies an identity, and something for the younger generation to aspire too.

The Red Roses also see the addition of a ladies cut rugby jersey for the first time around. Previously they would have worn the same shirt as the men do, now they have a tailored shirt to feel comfortable in. This is modern for a lot of teamwear companies, we too have a ladies fit jersey. see our range. Remember any design is possible with sublimation.

Danielle Waterman – England Red Rose Player writes a great article for the BBC talking about the development of teamwear and how excited she is to wear a ladies cut jersey and an English Rose together.